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Faux Box Beams

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Box Beams: Projects

Faux archways


Exceptional Achievement

When the need arises for ‘Faux box beams’, that is a two, three or sometimes 4-sided wooden structure pre-fabricated to resemble a large, solid beam. They sometimes are fitted over sightly supporting beams for cosmetic reasons, or the weight of solid wood beam would be too heavy. As clear straight grain, dry lumber can be very expensive so we create a hollow replica of a beam that looks very much like the real thing. Faux box beams are great for entryways, halls and just about anywhere you can use your imagination.

Mitered system


Perfect Execution

Using 45 degree Mitered edges brings a seamless joint. Each beam is hand crafted and seamed to resemble a solid beam. All joints are reinforced on the inner joint for maximum stability, but allowing an easy install where ever you may want to install the faux beam.

Rustic Elegance


Simply classic lines

Allow us to build a rustic elegance unlike any other.  Lightweight and bold, these box beams add dimension and discussion to any room they are placed. 

You're Project is our project


Handcrafted beauty

Our beams are handcrafted up to 12' with precision and quality.  Time is spent on each individual beam to create a splendor of design for your space.  Give us a call to discuss how to bring beauty to your home. 

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